About Us

Our founder Natasha made her first bottles of cordial from an Elder tree by her London allotment in 2013. She then found herself foraging for more fruits in London and selling her wares at Farmer’s Markets. As the business grew, and the product landed on more shelves, there were not enough hours in the day to forage the quantity of fruit she needed.

As Natasha was deciding on where she could source the fruits, tales of food surplus were beginning to whisper their ways around. The more research Natasha did the more the scale of the problem was realised: that over a third of global food never even reaches our plates: in part due to industry cosmetic standards or mis-calculations of demand. With this piece of information, Natasha began contacting farms around London, asking if they had surplus fruit. They did!

Each bottle is hand made in small batches, making sure we deliver the best quality cordial you can find. By working closely with British farms, we can ensure quality fruit (even if it doesn’t look right), and help bring the farm into London… just with a little less mud and a lot more deliciousness.



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