Did someone say cordial miniature alco-pops…?

One of the best things about British summers are strawberries. It has been predicted that British farms grow approximately 76,000 tonnes of strawberries per year! That’s 6,333 double decker buses. 30 tonnes of these are eaten at Wimbledon alone. We are now really into the strawberry harvest and thought, what better way to celebrate than with some Prosecco alcopops using our Strawberry and Sage cordial. They are perfect for any garden or dinner party. See below for our recipe!









Prosecco (if you don’t drink alcohol use tonic water – FeverTree is best)

The Urban Cordial Company Strawberry and Sage

Fresh strawberries, sage and cucumber

What else you need:

An ice tray (we use whiskey style ice ball moulds)

A champagne flute

Popsicle Sticks



– In a normal champagne flute, add 35ml strawberry and sage cordial. Top up with Prosecco (or tonic water). Do this twice as one champagne flute is about 3 mini lollies (when using ice balls as the mould)

– In the bottom of each mould, place a fresh sage leaf, thin slice of strawberry and small cucumber cubes to add some extra freshness

– Pour Prosecco and cordial mix into the mould. Add popsicle sticks to your mould

– Freeze until solid

– Serve 🙂










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